About us

Driven by cutting-edge technologies, we take a customer-first approach to tailor solutions for your business.

Who we are

The history behind Millhouse

Millhouse is a global logistics service provider focused on consistent on-time performance, time-critical solutions, and digital technologies. Started in 2010 as a garage-based startup company, our two-man team faced lots of inefficiencies in the logistics industry while working on the local scale. Although our resources were nothing like most supply chain giants operating worldwide, our customer-centered values and technology-oriented vision helped us gain local trust and build a strong reputation.

Goal setting

The very first goal was to deliver smart and effective logistics solutions timely in the local North Carolina area while also striving for expansion. Having experienced the daily challenges of drivers, we set up a brand new approach to hiring and treating truckers – the most valuable assets of our business.

Logistics reThought

Aiming for high standards, close customer relationships, and global coverage, we stepped out of the outdated business models leveraged by most industry players and set the focus on our customers. At that time, our mindset was centered around implementing high-end technologies to give life to creative but pragmatic decisions for businesses all over the world.

New heights

Throughout several years of getting to know the industry and exploring creative tech-oriented ways of doing logistics, our multi-faceted freight shipping company covered 48 contiguous states. Soon after, we took a step toward international shipping, opening the first international office in Mexico. Then, Millhouse broadened its horizons with new offices in Canada and Romania.

The future is tech

Powered by integrated software, we created a huge network of shippers, vendors, carriers, and drivers that allows for tracking, be it ground, ocean, or air transportations.
“As new kids on the block aiming for new heights, we discovered there was much room for improvement from the customer perspective. The idea of 24/7/365 services was born.”

Tony Radchishin, President

“In logistics, solutions are needed ASAP. Unafraid of trial and error, we focused on delivering transportations in a timely manner. Since then, time-sensitive solutions are a priority.”

Tony Radchishin, President

“When entering the logistics industry, we wanted to change the outdated system for the better. Technologies are what helped us make it real. For our company, the future is tech.”

Tony Radchishin, President

Why Millhouse

Beyond logistics

We don’t provide transportation services. We provide the ultimate transportation solutions. With more than 10 years of experience in providing freight shipping services and expedite solutions, we developed a vision that there's always an option when you are customer-oriented to the bone. From air to ground and water to railway, every shipment, no matter the size, type, and timeframe can be transported to keep your business up and running.

Urgency as a core business

We specialize in time-sensitive shipments. Our established network of vendors and a great number of assets allow us to craft unique and effective time-critical solutions, exceeding customers’ expectations.

Technological mindset

Currently, Millhouse is working on digitizing logistics and supply chain management processes. Our company has always been striving to keep up with the ever-growing technologies taking over the world — and we made them an irreplaceable part of our business.

Software-powered business

Millhouse is a combination of hard-working professionals and advanced technologies. Working with integrated software, we make it possible for every party to track their shipments and ensure timely performance. In this way, every customer can monitor the status of the shipment, predict its ETA, and, ultimately, make educated decisions.

Automated digital solutions

The logistics industry has many moving parts. Now, we’re focused on automating and simplifying all the processes to help businesses run smoothly no matter what. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when uncertainty prevails in the field, we’ve found another digital solution - the Live Capacity section, allowing for a quick capacity check.


Global expansion. Same values

At the beginning of our journey from the garage office to the worldwide presence, we stood for transparency in business operations, reduced bureaucracy, and steady growth of our customers. The goal was reached. But it hasn’t changed. When Millhouse Logistics established leadership in the US, Mexico, and Canada, we decided to move towards Europe. Our fundamental approach to the quality standards in business operations, as well as vast experience, make our company a universal choice for customers from any corner of the globe.

Business is people

As we invest in cutting-edge digital technologies to keep our customers satisfied, we know that there’s something more standing behind our success. The power of people is what contributes to the wellbeing of Millhouse – a business established and run by former drivers. From the US to Mexico, from Canada to Europe, Milhouse is a people company where a shared mindset and agile vision contribute to eternal growth.