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Constant stream of freight to haul predictable payment friendly dispatch

Why drive with Millhouse

  • Hundreds of shipments every day through all the USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Multi-lingual, polite and friendly staff available 24/7/365.
  • No forced dispatch. You bid your own price and choose where to haul.
  • Load board, chat with dispatch and location updates - all in one handy app.

What people are saying about us

Zeljko Bjelanovic

20 January 2020
I have really good experience with this company.

Nina Grinchuk

5 May 2019
Awesome people I work with!

Pavel Borshchov

15 December 2018
Great company, very friendly staff.

Gary Goodman

15 April 2016
Best trucking company I ever worked for hands down they really know how to treat a truck driver I’m spoiled.

Barron McLaren

29 July 2015
The most reliable expediting service I’ve used. I’ll always recommend them.

Mike Tomiev

28 July 2014
мне нравится эта компания.

Vadim Cherniavskiy

19 August 2014
great company. nice people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cliff Simpkins

31 December 2014
Great company great software and system. Really easy to work with.

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Average monthly completed shipments.
<100 >1000