We provide a complete set of ground transportation services –– expedite, oversized, FTL, LTL –– while focusing on transparency and visibility in all our operations. Standing for maintaining close customer relationships, Millhouse is available 24/7 to deliver not just freight, but unique business solutions and educated decisions.


At Millhouse, we know the value of time and center our vision around time-sensitive shipping. We take a fundamental approach to eliminate wasted time and deliver urgent goods right when they are needed, providing quality expedite services.

Less than Truck Load - LTL

For smaller shipments that don’t require much space, we offer cost-efficient LTL shipping services that allow multiple shippers to get their freight shipped efficiently while paying only for the occupied space.

Full Truck Load - FTL

Millhouse offers expert FTL services for large shipments that can fill the entire truck or require dedicated shipping, where freight reaches the destination sooner with no extra pickups or drop-offs along the shipments’ journey.


For freight exceeding defined limitations, we provide specialized logistics services involving special equipment and thorough pre-planning to move freight of any size, weight, and dimensions.

Ship by ground with us
  • Transparency, visibility, safety

    We breathe transparency into every single shipment through cutting-edge technologies. Our in-house software allows our customers to keep all their freight information at their fingertips.

  • Tailored solutions

    Millhouse is a solutions provider. We deliver custom solutions to customers requiring an individual approach, no matter the project size, timeframe, and cost targets.

  • Customer-first vision

    We run our business with a technological mindset and a customer-first approach. For us, success lies in customer satisfaction. Whatever the customers’ needs are, we serve 24/7.

How it works

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Every day, we provide our customers with a full spectrum of quality Air Transportation services, where cargo reaches its destination in a fraction of time. We partner with hundreds of on-board couriers available all over the world and have strong partnerships with leading airlines to deliver shipments fast, safely, and efficiently, regardless of where points A and B might be. Our regular and consistently performed OBC, NFO, and Air Charter services make Millhouse a leader in air transportations.

On-Board Courier (OBC)

Millhouse is one of the world's largest OBC service providers with 500 couriers available globally 24/7. Our couriers can collect customers' parcels in just a couple of hours to deliver them in the world's major hubs as fast as commercial passenger airlines will allow, which is anywhere from 24 hours (or less) to 1 week.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

For customers requiring their freight to be delivered at the earliest possible date and at reasonable rates, we provide our Next Flight Out service. Having established robust partnerships with international airlines, Millhouse guarantees excellent prices for the fastest same-day delivery of time-sensitive cargo.


Millhouse regularly performs Air Charters – the fastest form of air transportations available over any distance. When cargo needs to travel thousands of miles in just a few hours, this exclusive service comes in to deliver the highest priority shipment promptly.

Ship by air with us
  • Best rates

    Having established long-standing relationships with global airline companies, Millhouse provides the most favorable air shipping rates on the market.

  • Availability

    We exceed our customers’ expectations by offering the most cost and time-efficient flight destinations with availability to pick up freight worldwide within a couple of hours.

  • Expertise

    With extensive expertise in air transportation worldwide, 24/7 support, and a trusted partner network, Millhouse guarantees the highest quality services.

  • Visibility

    Millhouse ensures that all our customers can always keep their cargo status and location at their fingertips, providing transparency over the shipment’s journey.

  • Any Scale

    As a customer-first company, Millhouse excels at the entire range of transportation services, helping companies of any size ship any type of freight anywhere.

How it works

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Plan your shipment &
prepare documentation
Await fast transportation & get
live updates on your shipment



As a solution provider, Millhouse covers all the possible modes of Ocean Transportation, which includes FCL, LCL, and stripping containers to provide our customers with a full scope of logistics services.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Our customers can import or export their freight and have the entire container instead of sharing it with other importers or exporters, ensuring freight safety and control over the cargo.

Stripping Container

Our team of experts can unload cargo from the containers right to the warehouse or an open ground point for the customers to load out. Millhouse performs stripping containers for as many loads as our customers require.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

For smaller shipments that don’t fill the container’s space, we offer an effective and more affordable shipping option, where our customers can share the container and cost with other importers or exporters to reduce their costs while optimizing a steady flow of goods.

Ship by ocean with us
  • Trusted partner network

    Millhouse operates with a network of trusted maritime partners to ensure the highest quality delivery and customer service.

  • Cost-efficient & safe delivery

    We offer freight cost-efficiency and safety by providing the cheapest international shipping option involving extra secure, sealed, and locked containers.

  • Vast expertise

    With more than 10 years of experience in all things transportation, Millhouse has vast expertise in shipping high volumes of cargo on a global scale.

  • All modes of ocean transportation

    We provide a complete set of ocean transportation services, offering the best rates, providing cost-effective solutions, and shipping freight to any point in the world.

How it works

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an ocean service
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Track your freight in real-time
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cross-dock services

Apart from shipping all kinds of freight by air, ground, and ocean, Millhouse also provides expert cross-docking services that allow for reduced costs by stepping out of traditional storage. Having warehouses strategically located all over the North America Region, we offer deep expertise in goods storage and distribution, helping our customers lower time to market and avoid the time-consuming and costly warehouse storage, putaway, and picking.

Freight unloading

When the load reaches the receiving location, our expert team carefully unloads the freight, consolidating smaller loads and ensuring all shipments are properly allocated and sorted.

Freight Storage

In case our customers need their shipments to be stored for a certain amount of time, we provide freight storage services, offering the first 24 hours for free.

Freight reloading

After unloading and sorting the goods, we transport them to the outbound truck so the freight can make its way to the consumers.

Careful Packaging

If the shipment gets undone during the initial transportation, Millhouse repackages it before sending it to be delivered to the final point.

Perfect your shipping with us
  • Reduced shipping time

    The cross-docking model allows our customers to ship the freight as soon as it has been ordered. Once a load reaches our warehouse, we move it promptly and safely from one truck to another.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Faster delivery means better end-user satisfaction. Millhouse strives for excellence in customer service, helping our customers increase their own customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced costs

    Focusing on delivering cost-efficient solutions, we shift the traditional inventory storage cost with more affordable and effective cross-docking services for faster freight delivery.